Welcome to the Lux Montis Podcast. My name is Bee and in this podcast, we explore what it means to be a courageous Christian living in a chaotic anti-christ culture. The show is from my perspective as a British-Nigerian millennial discovering life in the Northwest of England.

It’s my greatest hope that this series provokes you to a deeper and biblical way of thinking about current issues, to help you cut through the noise and inspire you to live courageously in a world that’s growing darker by the second.


What does Lux Montis mean?

LUX Montis means “light on the hill” and was inspired by one of the very first bible verses I learnt as a little child in Matthew 5:14. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Jesus commanded us to let our light shine before others. This podcast is one of my interpretations or manifestations of that.


Why this podcast?

This podcast is to compel and encourage fellow Christians to let their light shine as we journey through this dark world.

I hope to provoke my listeners to think critically about the current events in the mainstream and how to avoid getting sucked into the ways of the world. There are so many things going on out there that affect us, how we live, our children and so on. As much as we’re called not to be like the world, we still have to live in it.

As the footsteps of Jesus get louder, and the devil races to harvest as many people’s souls as possible, it may seem like the world falling apart. The devil knows his reign is coming to an end so he’s more brazen than ever. So there is unprecedented chaos going on.

In recent years, I’ve noticed the world and the devil taking up more and more space. I noticed that we Christians were not taking up our space in the world. I don’t mean to take up space as if this is our home.

I want to encourage fellow Christians to be truly courageous in living for Christ no matter what. To be a city of light set on a hill that cannot be hidden. To be a salt and light influence in this generation.


What can you look forward to?

On this podcast, we’ll have conversations about:

  • Lots of hot topics, current affairs, politics, dating & relationships, family, homemaking, health and wellness, history and everything authentic Christian living.
  • It’s gonna get real, there will be some ruffled feathers – We live in a world where people are not used to this. I think it’s important to speak directly. I’m not known for sugar-coating things. In fact, If something isn’t delicate, I won’t be delicate about it. I’m not here to be politically correct, yet I’m not here to be obscene or offensive for the sake of it, but I’ll hope to talk about things with love and grace. Some things may come across as harsh but hard truths must be spoken.
  • It’s going to be biblical. As a Christian, my worldview – how I see the world – is based on the bible. So when I address hot topics through my own stories, stories of other people, and conversations with others, it will be through a biblical lens…hopefully without it sounding like a sermon. It’s going to be about Christian discernment – how to tell the difference between truth, almost truths and lies. This is becoming increasingly difficult
  • It’s going to be encouraging, edifying and educating, for all of us. Not just for my listeners but also for me.


What this podcast is not

This is not an attempt to supplant your local church, your personal daily devotion, your pastor etc. This podcast is not a sermon or a Sunday service substitute. I’m not your pastor or God. I’m not here to be put on any pedestal. I do not have perfect knowledge of anything.

There will be times when I’m wrong and I’m always happy to admit that. A lot of this will be my opinion based on God’s word, my personal experiences, my life journey my intellectual knowledge and my own conclusions. A lot of this will also be pure and undiluted from the bible.

I hope to have guests and interviews in the near future too.

All in all, I’m genuinely excited to see what God wants to do with this. If only one person is blessed according to how God will it, then I’m pleased!

I’m not committed to a specific schedule just yet but I’d like to get something out fairly regularly and hopefully get into a good flow.

Please feel free to get in touch, and send your comments, feedback, questions, and encouragements to my social media DM, you can also send an email to hello@luxmontis.com.


I look forward to being a consistent part of your week. Be sure to subscribe!